Just as you might capture a photograph to remember your first visit to Lagos or cherish a special family moment, this practice has been repeated countless times, creating a hidden treasure: The Lagos Archive of Photographs. 

The archive, not only provides a journey through time but also offers you a chance to connect with the rich history and cultural heritage of Lagos on a personal level.

The Lagos Archive of Photographs is a treasure trove of over 5,000 images. It was launched in 2013 and has grown significantly thanks to the dedication of local historian and photographer José Gameiro, as well as the contributions of the local community. It not only preserves the past but connects it to the present, showcasing the evolution of Lagos from a vibrant coastal town to a modern city. This digital archive, housed within the Municipal Archives of Lagos at the Museu Municipal Dr José Formosinho, is a testament to our shared history, featuring family photos that capture everyday life, important events, and the changing landscape over the years.

More than just a repository of images, the archive serves as a dynamic educational resource, fostering a deeper understanding of local history and bridging the gap between past and present. It celebrates community spirit and underscores the importance of preserving local heritage, encouraging residents to engage with their history. This project is a shining example of leveraging technology to safeguard cultural legacy, making it accessible globally while maintaining its local roots.

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The library welcomes visitors by appointment during regular working hours at +351 282 771 725. If you have a specific photograph in mind, please email your request to the library in advance at fototeca@cm-lagos.pt.

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